About Us...

Weaving pre dates the Christian Era by more than 5000 years.
Since this is true, let us not complicate the matter.
We are working on the principle of K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simply Stupid): we see no reasons to complicate an art form accomplished by our forefathers prior to 5000 BC.
This simple principle is guiding our engineers for design and production of easy-to-fit components, combining them to the extreme solidity.

Milan : top view of the Duomo Cathedral
Our company, based in the north industrial area of Milan-Italy, has many decades of extensive experience in the design and construction of looms for heavy webbings and special textile machinery, built also to client's own specifications.
Today, widely recognized for their high quality, reliability, solidity, simplicity, innovative design and solid construction, METAG machinery are found worldwide at the leading textiles companies.
Research, projects and manufacturing are made entirely by METAG with the latest development of today's technology using highly specialized workmanship, to achieve "state-of-the art" machinery: a typical "Mighty METAG" loom

We are continuously looking at the maximum performance and solidity of existing weaving looms by using latest technology and our experience.

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