Mighty METAG


  Weaving looms with Electronic Dobby...

    Innovations for making weaving easy!

Latest series of machines, TRX's and TRXA's, are now suitable to accommodate the newest generation of Electronic Dobby (rotary dobby), which boost the textile capabilities of the machines and meanwhile, make it more simple!

- Easy and quick change of pattern: the input of pattern can be easily done via a  
  program (stand alone, running under WinXP etc). 
- Maximum allowed 16 harness-frames (2 extras more than on standard series)
- Extra settings available at harness-frame (height, stroke and positioning 
- Higher load capacity of the entire harness-frames 
- Very limited preventative maintenance 

That's all: Simplicity and reliability at its best!

The machines with Electronic Dobby are as follows: 

- TRX   160-E
- TRXA 180-E
- TRX   320-E
- TRXA 360-E
- TRX   600-E

For more details, see the list at following page 1 or page 2