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Would you see the "Mighty METAG's" under operation or discuss about your technical questions?
Please come to pay a visit to our booth at the forthcoming edition of ITMA-2019 to be held in Barcelona-Spain in June.

For more info about this event, please visit ITMA authorities at their website located at www.itma.com and from time to time, please visit again this page for more updated news.
We'll wait for you at ITMA-2019!     Keep on weaving!

(What is ITMA ?)

  New Innovations
On latest and new series of machines, TRX's and TRXA's, are now suitable to accommodate the newest generation of Electronic Dobby, which boost the textile capabilities of the machines.
The input of pattern can be easily done via a programmer (stand alone). That's all. Simplicity and reliability at its best!
Machines with Electronic dobby has suffix "E" (example: TRXA180-E, TRXA360-E, TRX600-E etc)
For more details, see this page

  Technical Handbooks
We offer to our customers the possibility to find on-line (Internet) a list of technical handbooks with instruction for normal/special maintenance and/or repairs to be performed on METAG looms.
IMPORTANT : to access at the above pages, you need a password.
Please email or fax us your detailed request and supply us the machine type, its serial number, your company details and within few working days, you'll be entitled to receive the download instructions.

Open House
At our premises we have available some weaving machines of the most common models. Your visit is welcome!