The History of ITMA  (from

The first ITMA exhibition (Internationale Textilmaschinen Ausstellung) was launched by CEMATEX in 1951 and has taken place with great success every four years since then -
  ITMA Hall imageITMA 51 Lille
ITMA 55 Brussels
ITMA 59 Milan
ITMA 63 Hannover
ITMA 67 Basle
ITMA 71 Paris
ITMA 75 Milan
ITMA 79 Hannover *
ITMA 83 Milan *
ITMA 87 Paris *
ITMA 91 Hannover *
ITMA 95 Milan *
ITMA 99 Paris *
ITMA 2003 Birmingham *
ITMA 2007 Munich *
ITMA 2011 Barcelona *
ITMA 2015 Milan-Rho *

* = Editions where METAG was 


The Role of ITMA: 
To maintain and strengthen its position as the leading exhibition of the textile machinery industry with exhibitors and visitors coming from countries world-wide
To promote and strengthen the textile machinery industry of its member associations
To offer a reasonable cycle of exhibitions not only in the interest of its member associations but also to the benefit of their customers
To be the showcase for the latest technology in the textile machinery industry in order to meet the requirements of all the actors of the textile field
To encompass the whole range of textile machinery and associated technologies, thereby creating the world’s most comprehensive textile related exhibition
To offer the best value for money to exhibitors and visitors
To welcome and perpetuate the ‘World Forum of Textile Technology’